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Resources for Survivors

Was I victimized?

Sexual assault is complicated and can occur in many ways. Rape, sex trafficking, stalking, and online abuse are all forms of sexual assault. Visit this page if you are unsure if you experienced abuse.

Direct Services

LaFASA offers support and assistance to anyone affected by sexual violence through our statewide crisis hotline, information and referral services, connecting survivors to local resources, and some direct advocacy services. 

LaFASA Publications & Brochures

Survivors need to work through their healing journeys in their own way. This can be difficult so LaFASA has created brochures, healing activity books, and other tools to help in this journey.

Survivor FAQs

We understand that you probably have a multitude of questions. Don't hesitate to contact us to get answers or visit the FAQ section for common questions that many survivors ask.


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