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Upcoming Trainings/Webinars

LaFASA Chat/Text Helpline Support Specialist Training

The Helpline seeks to add more support specialists to the already established cohort. This is a great opportunity for anyone working or studying in social / human science professions or curriculums. The training is self-paced aside of four live sessions once a week for four weeks. We anticipate a February training. For questions contact Courtney at

Upcoming Events

LaFASA Book Clubs

Overcoming Trauma Through Yoga: Reclaiming your body by David Emerson and Elizabeth Hopper, PhD

October 12, 2023

(Tentative date)

Lunchtime discussion

This book incorporates an overarching and all-encompassing spiritual viewpoint on healing. Survivors of trauma—whether abuse, car-accidents, natural disaster, etc.—can end up wounded. In order to fully heal from trauma, a connection must be made with oneself, including one’s body. We will come together to discuss the methods and talk about our favorite parts of the book.


If you're interested in further information regarding these books, please feel free to contact

Ongoing Events


Make someone's day and offer them the information they need to heal.

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LaFASA Podcasts

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LaFASA Book Club


Discussion of the book "Grabbed."

This event can be found on our YouTube page.

The editors of this gender-inclusive anthology asked writers and poets to contribute pieces about what being “grabbed” means to each of them. The result is a collection of emotional works in prose and poetry addressing a range of injustices including all forms of sexual misconduct—from an unwanted caress to rape. The writers represented here, some very well known, such as Rita Dove, Jericho Brown, Eileen Myles, Ana Menendez, and Sapphire, as well as some newer voices not yet fully discovered, have mined their collective experiences to reveal their most vulnerable moments, and in some cases, to narrate moments that they have had previously been unwilling or unable to speak of. What results is a collection of emotional, hard-hitting pieces that speak to the aftermath of violation—whether mental, emotional, or physical.


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Upcoming Conferences

There are no upcoming conferences at this time.

More Training and Events

National Center on Domestic and Sexual Violence

NCDSV operates as a national hub and is a great resource for information about upcoming trainings! They collaborate with local, state and federal agencies; state and national organizations; educators, researchers, faith community leaders, media, community leaders, elected officials, policymakers, and all branches of the military.

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