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Technical Assistance

What It Is

Functioning as a conduit of information, sharing best practices, evidence-based approaches, and up-to-date data and materials to serving survivors; our technical assistance efforts help increase organizational capacity and infrastructure to meet the current needs of our constituents in Louisiana. 


Our Work

LaFASA serves as a statewide resource to help survivors and the professionals, volunteers & organizations that serve them. LaFASA provides support, resources, and consultations to local and state agencies, organizations, and allied professionals working towards ending sexual violence in Louisiana.


If you or your organization needs resources, information, and/or training about sexual violence, survivor support, and/or prevention, please contact our staff to learn more about how LaFASA can help! 


What You Can Do


Learn about all of LaFASA services, programs, and training opportunities that can help you and your organization improve survivor services.

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