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Outreach and Awareness

LaFASA's outreach program is focused on increasing knowledge and awareness about survivor services, sexual violence, and prevention throughout local communities Louisiana.

Why It Matters

By helping people understand how to support survivors and how sexual violence affects their communities, we can both inform and inspire positive social change and eliminate sexual violence in our communities. 


Our Work

We strive to engage and educate our audiences in a through a diverse channels and approaches. 


  • Presentations: Perfect for high school and college classes, community groups, & professionals 

  • Tabling & Booths: We're a great fit for most events! Local communities members often say they like seeing us at events. 

  • Events: Throughout the year we host events to raise awareness and funding for our cause! 

  • Sexual Assault Awareness Month (SAAM): Every April is SAAM! LaFASA and our local member centers host events to support survivors.

  • Social Media Outreach: We social media to reach survivors throughout Louisiana and promote our services and programs.

  • PSA Campaigns: These multi-media campaigns are focused on both prevention messaging and program promotion. 

  • Awareness Resources & Materials: We create and distribute resources to help survivors, service providers, and the general public. 


What You Can do

  • Learn about issues that contribute to sexual violence and vigilantly engage your representatives.  Let them know that protecting survivors is a priority for you and should be one for our state and society writ large.

  • Look out for your friends, family, co-workers, fellow students and/or bystanders.  Learn the warning signs and be a compassionate ally.  Direct them to available resources, including LaFASA and its member sexual assault centers.

  • Seek out volunteer opportunities and/or support LaFASA or your local sexual assault center by donating or attending fundraising functions.  Be an advocate in your own right.

  • Take part in some of our campaigns, such as "Teal Rocks" or listen to our podcasts and send referrals for anyone you think would be an interesting interview.


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