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Campus Sexual Assault

We are motivated to work with Louisiana’s colleges and universities to protect survivor’s rights, create safe & supportive communities, and eliminate campus sexual violence. We provide technical assistance, training, and resources to faculty, administration, student organizations, law enforcement, and other community partners that are interested in supporting survivors and ending sexual violence.

Why It Matters

Each individual has the right to have an educational experience free from the threat of sexual violence, as the aftermath of an assault can hinder a survivor’s ability to succeed in school and complete their degree. Campuses hold a unique role in ensuring survivors attain the support services they need, as victims of sexual assault are at an increased risk of PTSD, depression, and drug & alcohol abuse. College communities need to work together to create a campus environment that fosters healing and learning for every student.


Our Work

Through a student and survivor-centered approach, we are able to provide help and support in the following areas:


  • Policy Review: LaFASA can help evaluate, assess, review, or develop sexual assault related policies, protocols, and procedures to be more student centered and meet compliance with various state and federal regulations.

  • Consultation: LaFASA directly assists its constituents on or off site, via email or phone. These specific and tailored support consultations can help form or improve the college’s policies and provide a better understanding of the need to lay down integral foundations to address campus sexual violence.

  • Training: LaFASA can provide expertise and training on a broad array of topics for a range audiences related to improving best practices in systems response, intervention, or school wide prevention education and initiatives.

  • Online Communities: LaFASA can provide a space to share resources, experiences, and best practices through a listserv and an online forum, where Louisiana’s dedicated professionals who are helping end campus sexual violence will have the opportunity to learn from others and provide their own personal expertise and advice.

  • Student Engagement: LaFASA will work with passionate college students across the state who want to create a positive social change in their communities. Through volunteering, standing by survivors, and providing a voice to the issue, LaFASA can help enable students work towards ending sexual violence in Louisiana.


What You Can Do

If you work for a university or want your campus to improve its sexual violence prevention & survivor support programs, please contact LaFASA's Campus Sexual Assault Project Coordinator for more information about student & faculty trainings, presentations, & volunteer opportunities. 

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