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Survivor Services

LaFASA is the statewide coalition dedicated to supporting survivors and ending sexual violence. Our team works together to provide best-in-class services for survivors, their loved ones, and anyone affected by sexual violence. Here is a brief overview of the direct services for survivors.  For more information about these services, please contact LaFASA's Outreach Coordinator. 

Statewide Crisis Helpline

This helpline is for those who need emotional support, crisis support, help with managing trauma, and/or information about local service providers. The Helpline is free, anonymous, and confidential. We encourage you to contact the Helpline by the method you are most comfortable and capable. Survivors, loved ones of survivors, and care providers are all welcome.

Text: 225.351.(SAFE) 7233

Chat: Click Here

Talk: 888.995.7273 (English & Spanish; Available 24/7 )


Accredited Local Sexual Assault Centers

Contact a local accredited sexual assault center. All of our member sexual assault centers must pass regular accreditation process. Accreditation ensures you can expect to receive high-quality service from well training staff and volunteers.

What Is A Sexual Assault Center?

To be recognized as a Sexual Assault Center an agency must provide a 24-hour crisis line; in-person short-term crisis intervention; information and referral; training of allied professionals; and primary prevention programs. The agency must also be an active member of LaFASA; have a current strategic plan; and comply with the Standards of Service, Ethics, and Training for Sexual Assault Centers. Beginning in 2011, all Sexual Assault Centers in Louisiana must be accredited by LaFASA.


Legal Services

If you are in an unserved parish without a local accredited sexual assault center or if your accredited local sexual assault center does not offer legal support, LaFASA may be able to help you navigate criminal justice systems. Contact LaFASA's Legal Advocate to learn more about our advocacy services. 

Survivor Advocacy

If you are in an unserved parish without a local accredited sexual assault center, LaFASA may be able to help you seek justice and find resources to help you heal. Contact LaFASA to learn more about our advocacy services.

How Can An Advocate Help?

An advocate is specially trained to help you, or a loved one, evaluate options and pursue justice after being sexually assaulted. They offer victims information, emotional support, and help finding resources. Some advocates represent victims in or accompany victims to court. Other advocates help survivors through counseling. However you wish to proceed after an assault, an advocate will support you and ensure your rights are respected and protected.


University / Campus Support

If you have experienced sexual violence on campus or at a university event, LaFASA may be able to help you seek justice and find resources to help you heal. Contact LaFASA's Campus Sexual Assault Program Coordinator to learn more about our advocacy services. 

Theravive: find a counselor nationwide

Theravive is an informational resource of independent, private practicing clinics and counselors. Theravive is a separate and additional resource for survivors in need of services outside of LaFASA or the accredited crisis centers. (LaFASA and Theravive are not affiliated.)

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