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"Survival – continuing to exist, especially in spite of danger or hardship"

Survivors of sexual assault have endured unspeakable hardship and live with a wide array of dangers on a daily basis.  Survivors are strong, resilient, and brave, but they cannot fight their battles alone.  LaFASA’s mission is to facilitate survival and, ultimately, end sexual violence in Louisiana. 
LaFASA is the coalition agency that serves statewide sexual assault crisis centers through education, professional training, technical assistance, and community engagement resulting in safer, healthier, stronger, and better-informed communities throughout Louisiana.  LaFASA’s recent growth now also empowers the agency to provide advocacy and legal services directly to survivors.
Compassionate hearts and attentive minds are important foundations, but meaningful and impactful service to survivors can only be accomplished by educating advocates and communities in all aspects of the survivor’s often complicated and nuanced journey.  LaFASA’s initiatives are specifically tailored deliver this type of information and guidance to ensure that survival is a reality and, eventually, to eradicate the public health epidemic of sexual assault in total.

Our Mission
LaFASA is dedicated to working toward the elimination of sexual violence through program support, education, and social change.

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